Mountains of Soria

It has 127,909 hectares of patrimonial and private land located in 64 municipalities in the province of Soria and 2 in the province of Burgos.
The lands of our Mycological Park are mainly included in biodiversity conservation areas of the Natura 2000 Network in Castilla y León and around 4,500 hectares are within the natural parks 'Laguna Negra y Circos Glaciares de Urbión' and 'Cañón de Río Lobos'. It includes a wide variety of habitats associated with peculiar mycological communities. There are xerophytic and siliceous Mediterranean pine forests formed mainly by masses of Pinus pinaster producing chanterelles (Lactarius deliciosus) and hygrophilous and siliceous mountain pine forests of Pinus sylvestris producing species of the genus Boletus, as well as other mycological species of great commercial importance and self-consumption. The "Montes de Soria" Mycological Park has two singular areas managed for informative and experimental purposes, such as "El Amogable" located in MUP No. 172 "Pinar Grande" where studies of wild mushroom fruiting will be carried out, and Muriel Viejo in MUP No. 82, which is currently being planned, and where informative activities organized by mycological associations and other non-profit entities are intended to be carried out. For decades and throughout the year, many of the towns belonging to "Montes de Soria" have been carrying out, with the collaboration of the associative entity that owns the park, numerous activities related to the mycological resource (mycological exhibitions, informative talks, mycological cooking workshops, fairs, tapas days and mycological menus, as well as training activities for schoolchildren). On the other hand, and in a complementary way, we have numerous restaurants that offer mushroom dishes throughout the year, two of which have a Michelin star, and also hosts two of the most important international events of mycological cuisine: the "Cooking with Truffle" contest and the "Soria Gastronomic" symposium. All this makes Montes Soria a reference point for mycology in Spain.

Identification key

PMSO - 50001


127909.88 ha

Management Entity

Asociación Montes de Soria


Burgos, Soria